Sex Mex / Dust Hat / Pond View - Friday, 11/8/2024 - 9 PM

Sex Mex / Dust Hat / Pond View - Friday, 11/8/2024 - 9 PM

Friday, November 8, 2024 - 9 PM


Sex Mex is the music of Clark Gray. It was started in 2021 with the idea of doing as much as possible with as few people as possible. It’s easy enough to multitrack everything, but making a band sound good live with hardly anybody on stage can be quite the challenge. However, this approach has made it to where Sex Mex can operate in a DIY fashion with ease. Trial and error have been a constant in Sex Mex. During the first 2 years, things were changing so often that people thought it was a schtick. In reality, it was just a result of experimenting like crazy and trying to find a sound that worked. Sex Mex is a punk band with some power pop and glam rock thrown into the mix. It is simultaneously catchy and abrasive. They accomplish this with the help of a BOSS-RC3. God bless the BOSS-RC3. Touring will be ramping up in the following months due to everybody in Sex Mex having the availability to tour and being broke as fuck. Soon to be pulling up in a Honda Accord in a city near you...


Rock & roll as charred as the apizza of New Haven. 


Rock music for moms. 

Doors at 8 PM

Music at 9 PM


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