Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section for quick solutions to common queries, here you'll find the answers you need conveniently laid out.

All our ticketed events are sold in advance online on our website. We do not sell tickets in advance at the venue. If a show is not sold out there are tickets for sale at the door. 

We have some snack foods available to tide you over but if you are looking for dinner, let us recommend one of the many great restaurants in the neighborhood.

The lot directly behind Cafe 9 on Crown St. is no longer available for customer parking. Do not park there or in the apartment lot opposite our Crown St. entrance. You will definitely be TOWED!

There is parking throughout the neighborhood on the street, which is metered until 9pm. The meters are free on Sundays. We suggest you use the "State Fair" public parking lot diagonally across from our State St. entrance. Use the machine at the entrance to get a ticket for the amount of time you need to see the show. It is the cheapest alternative and completely safe. If this lot is full, there is another public lot on the corner of Orange and George St., only 2 blocks away.

Never; all of our shows are 21+ only.

Cafe 9 can be rented for private parties with some advance planning. Because of our scheduling, we are usually not available for spur-of-the-moment plans.

Since most of our deals are based on a percentage of the door proceeds, it is in your best interest to promote your show here aggressively to get people out to see you, revel in your music, and help you make some money. Send us some posters and put the show out there on all your social media and email lists. Word of mouth is still the best so tell all your friends personally. We also have a large media and radio list available for you. Just ask us to send it to you or your publicist.

We suggest, before you email us, that you first network within the New Haven local music community and find a band that is of the same style. Offer them a gig in your area in exchange for setting up a show here with them at Cafe 9.

We are in a small room with good acoustics and our PA provides clear amplification to fill the space. We provide all microphones, cables and D.I.'s, as well as a sound person. If you are booked here and have special sound needs, let us know and we can usually make it work.

Please submit all press kits electronically to [email protected]  Include anything you think we should know about your band, some music, and the dates you are looking for. We no longer accept mailed demo submissions or take phone calls at the venue regarding booking.

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